Feeling Anxious

Version 2

The last few days it has been hard not to feel anxious.  As the Carolinas prepares for the arrival of Hurricane Florence, the days have been marked by stories of long lines at gas stations and fuel supplies drying up, water and bread disappearing from grocery store shelves, batteries, generators and supplies becoming scarce all the while we keep watch on the radar as Florence swirls around the Atlantic.  My husband and I were lucky to have made a trip to Home Depot early Sunday morning where we were able to purchase a couple cases of water, batteries and an extra tank of propane for the grill.  Supplies weren’t depleted yet.  I made a trip to the ATM Monday and got cash out without a problem – other ATMS in the area ran out of money soon thereafter.  Even on Monday evening when I did my grocery shopping I was able to get our regular groceries and lots of other pantry staples to tide us over in case the power goes out.  My car gas tank was 3/4 full before I topped off yesterday (I did have to stop at two stations before I found one that had gas and wasn’t jammed with cars!).  We’ve moved the major outdoor items into the garage and just have a few things that can wait until the last minute to bring inside.  The bottom line is, we are as prepared as we can be.  Even with all the prep work done, I still feel somewhat unsettled.  So I’m looking at my mat and wondering, what can I take from the mat to relieve myself of this anxious feeling?  Shouldn’t I be setting an example?? With the knowledge that I am prepared for what’s ahead, I can practice mindfulness – be present in this moment and deal with only what’s now, right in front of me – not what I might be facing in a day or two.   I can make healthy choices to take care of myself – make sure I get enough sleep, eat healthy and nutritious meals and exercise. I can reach out to my neighbors and make sure that if there is someone in need that I am capable of helping – I act with haste. I can ready myself to pitch in to help where I might be called upon to help.  I can pray for those that are in harms way and send positive, helpful thoughts to those who are frightened and nervous.  I can remind myself of the blessing I have in my life, the things that I am grateful for and that my possessions do not have to possess me.  I can just breathe.  What do you do during times of trouble?  How do you relax and let go of worries and cares?   Let me know – I’m still learning the fine art of letting go!

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